Some emblematic dates:

1985: Bored deeply in some classes during my adolescence (mathematics in particular!), I draw labyrinths on A4 sheets with squares.

2012: Between two computer projects, I find a little time to attack a labyrinth generator, but this phase does not lead to something satisfactory.

2019: I restart this project at the beginning of the year with the aim of creating a large table (190 cm by 90 cm.) where a labyrinth of solid wood would be “enclosed” between two sheets of glass. After three months of algorithmic and 3D tests, I start presenting my idea to friends.

Following to that, a series of great encounters, a very favorable alignment of planets, which allowed me to create some prototypes.

The adventure continued in June with the meeting of Yolanda Horak at LaChrisTa boutique who offers me an exhibition at her place for the month of October

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